“Can I talk to someone...”


Haven't seen her father for more than 15 years, Tamara discovered him in the middle of a park, sitting alone, talking to himself. The first thing that came to her mind was to call to a well known psychiatrist in the city for the consultation. After several calls to different specialists whose contacts she was confidently keeping in her contact list, she realised she was completely alone in this bureaucratic labyrinth of mental health care system.

Call to clinic

There is a center in Georgia that was created to help you when you first encounter mental illness. It's called the Crisis Intervention Center. There are four such centers in Georgia, in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Rustavi and Batumi. Officially it works from 11 am to 4 pm, It means that if you get ill after 4, you can only use their 24-hour telephone service. But can they actually help you?

door of solution