About The Project

The idea for this website project originated during my best friend’s unexpected experience when her father started suffering from alcoholic hallucinosis and needed a professional help urgently. Despite all her efforts to find a solution, it made unbelievably hard to get a relevant treatment service in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. After a long and difficult journey through several calls with acquaintances in the industry and changes in doctors, she finally received the right medication.

This project would be a bold new campaign that uses a visual interactive storytelling approach to highlight challenges that people with mental health illness and their close relatives first experience. The project enables users to explore the stories of real people facing mental health challenges directly or indirectly. This is a web-based narrative which exposes all the obstacles people are struggling with when they are first headed for a mental breakdown and seek help. This project creates a space for reflection and let the users explore by themselves the options they are offered in case of urgent need for mental health services. Adequate mental health care is a fundamental human right.

We invite you to join our campaign. Share the stories of people around you whose rights are violated and whose voices are not properly heard; or share your story of mental health and help us creating the digital base of experiences that need to be addressed to decision-makers; help us see the failures of the mental health care reform through your individual stories.